About JR Décor

Jr Décor is a home and office wall décor company providing adventurous and inspirational 3D word wall art.  Our pieces are all handmade providing each piece a unique authenticity and singularity.  With standard and customizable options alike, we provide a wide range of options to fit your space, personality, and lifestyle.  

JR Décor is owned and operated by Jukia and Robert Fisher a husband and wife team.

Jukia is the "executive craftswoman". Her artistic vision is what we are centered around. After she was disappointed in existing options for artwork she had in mind for her home, she set out to make her own.  Her initial ideas did not turn out but through trial and error she created the 50" by 32" "TRAVEL" world map that can be seen on our homepage.  This piece became the foundation of JR Décor.

Robert is the "sous craftsman". He is responsible for the construction of the frames, final assembly, and making sure Jukia has the materials she needs to create our beautiful home décor.  

Thank you for taking the time to browse our products.  It is our hope that one of our pieces speaks to you and eventually finds a “HOME” in yours.

Jukia and Robert